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Answering the Frequently Asked Questions About NIPT Test

NIPT Test is the acronym for Noninvasive Prenatal Testing. It is a process where the blood of the expecting mother is used to find congenital abnormalities in the DNA of the foetus. The test can provide results of probabilities about vital genetic disorders like Down Syndrome. It can be tested once the mother reaches ten weeks of pregnancy.

Commonly Asked Questions About NIPT:

As NIPT is a cell-free DNA test, parents have many questions. They ask their doctors about different aspects of the test, from its effectiveness to costs. If you are considering going for this test, it is better to remain informed about its basics. We discuss some popularly asked questions in the following section.

Which Issues Can be Screened by NIPT?

NIPT is a very common test, but it cannot screen all genetic disorders or ailments. It can detect some genetic problems of the foetus, like:

1. Down Syndrome
2. Sex Chromosome
3. Disorders
4. Trisomy 13 and 18

However, before going for a NIPT, you should communicate with your healthcare assistant. They can inform you about the NIPT Panel and the disorder that it can detect. The test has different panels that can diagnose some particular genetic issues of the foetus.

How Accurate are these tests?

The accuracy of NIPT largely depends on the genetic issue you want to find. Other minor factors can also affect the accuracy of the NIPT, including:

1. Surrogacy
2. Obesity
3. Pregnant with Multiple Children

The chances of NIPT producing false or inaccurate results are nearly non-existent. It is about 99% accurate in detecting Down Syndrome and shows a fair accuracy in detecting Trisomy 18 and 13.

Is NIPT During Pregnancy a Vital Need?

NIPT is completely a personal choice of the parents. It does not come under mandatory pregnancy tests. If you wish to discuss the screenings in more detail, you can go for NIPT and allied prenatal tests. You can also discuss with your healthcare provider the need for NIPT.

When Can You Get the Results of NIPT?

NIPT generally takes two weeks to get processed. You may get the result after this period. However, in some tests, you can achieve the results sooner than two weeks. Your healthcare assistant will first analyse the results and then share the details with you.

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