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Types of Doppler Ultrasound Tests that You Should Know About

In modern-day prenatal tests, ultrasound plays an important role. It is a high-frequency sound wave that can be effective in tissue diagnoses. Among various ultrasound tests, the Doppler test has a significance of its own.

What is a Doppler Test?

A Doppler test is a much more simple process compared to invasive procedures like venography. It is widely used to detect abnormalities in blood flow and diagnose problems like thrombosis. In the Doppler test, the sound waves do not bounce back after hitting the surface. As a result, it can be useful in tracking moving objects.

More About the Four Kinds of Doppler Tests:

Different Doppler tests in Kolkata are available for diagnosing any prenatal issues. These may be non-invasive procedures, but their effectiveness cannot be challenged. One can get more information about these tests from this blog.

Colour Doppler Test: One can obtain images of blood vessels by standard ultrasound tests. This type of Doppler test converts the sounds into different colours. These are overlaid on the blood vessel image, which helps to determine the speed of the blood flow. It can be effective in detecting blood clots in the body of the mother and the foetus.

Duplex Doppler Test: It is a specialised Doppler test that can determine the direction and speed of blood flow in the limbs. A combination of standard ultrasound methods produces a clear picture of the blood vessels. It is sometimes considered an alternative method of venography and arteriography.

Continuous Wave Doppler: In this process, the ultrasound waves are frequently transmitted via the transducer. A doctor analyses the findings of these sound waves to determine any abnormality in blood flow. Generally, a portable machine is used to provide a quick estimate of the condition. The change in the pitch of the sound waves can provide important information about blood flow through the vessels.

Power Doppler Test: This test is performed by using the amplitude of the Doppler signal. It is effective in capturing the moving particles. Power Doppler test can be the most effective procedure for detection of lesser velocity compared to other tests. This can inform one about the blood flow rate through veins and arteries in solid organs.
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