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We have experts in Early Anomaly Detection.

Pregnancy scans are done to get a clear picture of the baby in the womb. These scans are painless and typically have no known side-effects on moms and their unborn babies. One can go for this scan at any stage of pregnancy. 

The early anomaly detection ( 11 – 14 weeks) will let the doctors understand about the potential abnormalities in the fetus in the early days of pregnancy so that the treatment can be started as soon as possible.

At IFM, we conduct many other Ultrasonography in pregnancy to detect the right condition of mothers and babies at different stages of this period. This includes;


It is an ultrasound examination that is carried out at 6 to 10 weeks of pregnancy. It can be done transvaginally or transabdominally, done to confirm viability, dating and checking for twins.


Carried out from 11-14 weeks of pregnancy usually performed transabdominally with the aim of dating pregnancy accurately, diagnose multiple pregnancies, diagnose early miscarriage, access risk of down’s syndrome and any other congenital abnormalities.


Test performed at 11-13+ weeks of pregnancy to detect any chromosomal abnormality such as down’s syndrome. This test combines blood test results, and NT scan both matched to the patient’s age.


A screening test is done between 14-20 weeks of pregnancy. It checks your chances of having a baby born with down’s syndrome. It is mainly done for those who have missed FTS or booked late for FTS.


This is a detailed scan of your unborn baby at 18-24 weeks of pregnancy. Each part of the fetal body is examined through this scan, and the position of the placenta is determined. The scan is done for assessing amniotic fluid and measuring the growth of your baby too. If any abnormality is detected the significance of the finding will be discussed with the patient and her husband.


It is a test similar to ultrasound. This exam allows your doctor to see the structure of your unborn baby’s heart. It is typically done between 20 to 24 weeks of pregnancy.


This scan is usually carried out at about 30- 34 weeks of pregnancy. This test is done to measures the size of fetal head, abdomen, thigh bone and calculation of baby’s weight. This is also an examination of the movement of your unborn baby. Evaluation of placental position and appearance is also done through this. Apart from that; measurement of amniotic fluid and assessment of blood flow to the placenta and baby by colour doppler is also done in this taste.


You may book a scan if you need reassurance regarding your baby’s wellbeing.

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SIS (Saline infusion sonohysterography) :

SIS or Saline infusion sonohysterography is also known as saline ultrasound. This is a kind of uterine scan in which a small amount of saline water is used or inserted into the uterus to get a clear and uninterrupted image of the uterine lines on the USG procedure.It is done by transvaginal sonography while passing sterile normal saline through a soft plastic tube placed in uterine cavity. This test is done to determine the uterine cavity, presence of any polyp, adhesion, submucous fibroid,etc.

 For more information and detailed discussion, please book your appointment with our experts.

Hai frnds my name is sattevva Hanaji.Iam form Karnataka, present living in WB.Dr Daljit Kaur for their extremely supportive and motivating words.good service and very good hands for amniocentesis test.special thanks to Dr Daljit madam for her careful nature and guidance for booking.Thank you so muchDr Daljit madam
Manab GhoshManab Ghosh
08:19 27 Apr 23
Excellent. Good service and very good hands for Amniocentesis test. Highly recommended. Special thanks to Daljit Madam for her careful nature and guidance for booking.
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05:00 22 Apr 23
Extremely well behaved doctors and staff. Seamless process. My heartfelt thanks to Dr Kushagradhi Ghosh and Dr Daljit Kaur for their extremely supportive and motivating words.
Poulomi ChatterjeePoulomi Chatterjee
02:07 21 Oct 22
Very warm team of doctors and staff. Best doctor available in the city. Organized and easy appointment booking system. Latest equipments, tests, procedures available and well informed staff. Neat and tidy premise. Hygiene maintained at all times. Extremely helpful, friendly, concerned and caring team.Even if no one's accompanying you, you feel relaxed and taken care of.