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3 Factors to Keep in Mind for 3D Ultrasonography Pregnancy Test

Ultrasonography is a major component of pregnancy tests where the would-be parents can get an image of the unborn foetus. With 2D ultrasonography, it is not possible to determine if any abnormality is present in the foetus. Hence, 3D ultrasonography pregnancy tests are used to determine the same. With the help of 3D ultrasounds, you can get a clear picture of the baby’s exteriors and interiors. Without 3D, a doctor can easily assess the growth of a child. However, the technology is used to check the abnormalities during the growth process of the foetus.

However, there are many concerns regarding the use of ultrasounds on the unborn foetus. Many people believe that the excessive transmission of rays through the scans can lead to congenital disabilities. Hence, getting the ultrasound done by an expert is essential. They know the correct amount of power that should be applied during the scan process to ensure that the unborn foetus is not harmed.

Hence, before you decide to opt for the 3D ultrasound pregnancy test, make sure that you keep these points in mind.

What to keep in mind before opting for a 3D ultrasonography pregnancy test?

Check the Certifications of the Sonographer

For a 3D ultrasound, make sure that you check the certifications of the sonographer before booking your appointment with the same. They must have certifications for performing the test. The person conducting the ultrasound must be capable of getting a clear and good picture of the unborn foetus.

Verify the Cost of the Test

Generally, the commercial cost of performing 4D ultrasounds is quite high. Thus, before you book your appointment, make sure that you verify the cost of the test and compare the cost with different diagnostics centres. Rather than thinking about saving money, make sure that you go for quality and affordability.

Know about the Safety Concerns

Ultrasound rays can be fatal to the foetus – this is a major concern that keeps on crossing the minds of pregnant mothers. If you want to get rid of this stress, make sure that you check the same with the sonographer before opting for the test. They will clarify the process, effects and the side effects of the same.

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