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Everything You Need to Know About Fetal Echocardiography

A test that applies sound waves to analyze a baby’s heart before birth is known as Fetal Echocardiography. This test is performed during the second session of pregnancy, which is between 18 to 24 weeks. And, it is done through the vagina or on the belly. 

Fetal echocardiography can track any heart issues prior to birth. It allows doctors to check the flow of blood via the fetus’s heart. This lets them assure whether there are any abnormalities in the baby’s heartbeat. If any issue is found earlier, the treatment will work more efficiently. 

Why fetal echocardiography is important? 

Fetal echo provides the following advantages:

  • In some cases, doctors can treat the issue prior to birth
  • Doctors can get ready for unexpected issues that may arise during labor and delivery
  • Doctors can able to schedule an early delivery 
  • The treatment can proceed once the baby is born

Reasons you should undergo this treatment

When it comes to the below-mentioned conditions, doctors recommend this treatment:

  • You already have a child with a heart defect
  • You have a family history of genetic heart issues
  • There is a genetic issue in the fetus 
  • You have consumed drugs during your pregnancy
  • You take medicines that can cause congenital heart problems. (medicines used for anxiety, seizures, and acne)
  • You have lupus, diabetes, or phenylketonuria
  • Your baby is showing signs of too slow, fast, or irregular heartbeats
  • You conceived at an advanced age
  • The fetal ultrasound is showing signs of abnormalities 

What happens during the treatment?

This treatment or test is performed by a trained maternal-fetal medicine specialist, pediatric cardiologist, radiologist, or obstetrician. Usually, the steps are as follows:

  • You have to lie down on a table without changing your clothes
  • The healthcare provider will use gel on your belly  
  • The healthcare provider will make use of an electric device known as a transducer to send sound waves
  • The provider will move the device around to capture the best fetal heart images 
  • The gel is wiped off once the test is done

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Few Important Points about Fetal Echocardiography that You Must Know

If you are an expecting parent, you might know the importance of regular check-ups during pregnancy. During this time frame, the expecting mother has to undergo different medical procedures. These are important to determine the health, growth and overall well-being of the fetus.

Basics of Fetal Echocardiography:

In the age of modern medical technology, doctors have access to upgraded tools. These can play a major role in detecting congenital diseases in the developing baby. If you want to determine if the foetus is suffering from heart disorders, you can get real-time information with the help of fetal echocardiography.

How Can Fetal Echocardiogram Benefit You?

The procedure of fetal echocardiography has become popular in the last few years among parents. It has a number of benefits, which are discussed in detail in the following part.

  • Screening Congenital Heart Disease: Congenital Heart Disease or CHD is a health problem that carries on through generations. If a mother suffers from CHD, she would want to know if her baby suffers from the same problem. A fetal echocardiogram can detect the signs of these diseases in the fetus. You can find them discussed in detail in the report.
  • Prevents Premature Birth: The screening done by FEC helps the parents get the right information about the baby’s position. It also provides a clear picture of the uterus’ condition. These points are important to prevent the chances of premature birth. Thus, FEC can prevent the health hazards caused by premature delivery to both the mother and the offspring.
  • Determines the Risks of Miscarriage: Miscarriage is an unfortunate incident where the expecting mother may lose her baby before delivery. It can happen due to a number of reasons. With a Fetal echocardiogram, you can get proper information about the chances of miscarriage. This helps in critical deliveries and determining the health of the baby.
  • Determining Abnormalities in Pregnancy: Apart from detecting several diseases, FEC plays an instrumental role in identifying maternal conditions. By getting the right information about issues in pregnancy, the parents can remain assured of a normal delivery. The screening can help detect issues in the placenta and umbilical cord. It can also identify maternal health conditions in the baby.

IFM Fetal Medicine Unit Kolkata

These are some important benefits offered by Fetal echocardiogram. To get accurate results with this screening procedure, you must visit a reliable source like Institute of Fetal Medicine. We are a trusted name for conducting non-invasive pregnancy tests like fetal echocardiograms. For more details about us, you can visit our website.