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Doppler Ultrasound Test in Kolkata

What is Doppler Ultrasound?

During the 2nd or 3rd trimester of the pregnancy, your doctor may advise women to undergo the Doppler ultrasound scan. It helps to check the growth of the fetus, blood flow levels to the different parts like the brain, heart and umbilical cord. At IFM, our expert team of fetal medicine specialists do the test. However, any patient detected with abnormalities during the first Doppler scan may have to undergo a second one in the later trimesters.

As suggested by the doctors, there are two types of phases during the Doppler scan. Firstly, through the Transvaginal scan, the doctors check the possibility of ectopic pregnancy. Secondly, through the fetal Doppler, they check the heartbeats and heart rate of the fetus & blood flows in different veins and arteries of the fetus.

Is Doppler Scan Safe During Pregnancy?

Doppler scan performed after 10 weeks of pregnancy is safe for the unborn child and the mother. As per the medical boards, the test does not have any long or short term side effects. However, always get your test done by a certified fetal medicine specialist to get accurate results.

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Why do I Need a Doppler Scan?

At IFM, our experienced team of gynecologists and fetal medicine experts generally suggest Doppler scan keeping the following points in mind.

  • The patient is a chain smoker with fluctuating BMI rate and has issues like past miscarriages, late conception, high diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • The baby growth rate is not proper. With a Doppler scan, the doctors will check the condition of the placenta and if the oxygen transmission is happening through the placenta or not.
  • Pregnant women with a twin pregnancy are also suggested to undergo this test.
  • This test is critical in rhesus negative mothers to check the effect of rhesus antibodies, Rh sensitization, and nutrients transfer in a baby.

Why Select Institute of Fetal Medicine for Doppler Test in Kolkata?

Our certified team of fetal medicine experts has hands-on experience in dealing with all types of complicated pregnancies. At IFM, our experts will conduct the Doppler scan test and provide you with practical advice concerning the do’s and don’ts as per the analysis of your report.

We have a, certified and experienced team of fetal medicine specialists  for conducting Doppler tests in Kolkata. Here you’ll get complete care while the test is being run, and with state of the art facilities, you can be assured about getting the most accurate results from us.


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