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Everything You Need to Know about Amniocentesis Test in Kolkata

A lot of medical tests and clinical examinations are done during pregnancy to monitor the health and growth of the fetus. These tests are also required to monitor the health of the would-be mom too. Amniocentesis is one such prenatal test. The test can detect as well as diagnose various chromosomal conditions.

Your obstetrician or Ob-Gyn will suggest this test to get valuable information about the health conditions of your unborn baby.

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What is Amniocentesis Test?

Your baby stays surrounded by amniotic fluid inside your uterus. During Amniocentesis Test, that fluid sample is taken out from your uterus to examine your baby’s cells and other chemicals. The test result will provide your doctor with crucial information about the health, genetic and level of maturity.

This test is highly effective in determining several genetic conditions in a fetus. Even conditions like sickle cell anemia and Down syndrome can be detected with the help of this test.

Why And When This Test is Imperative?

  • The amniocentesis test is not mandatory during pregnancy. It is an optional clinical examination. Your Ob-Gyn or prenatal care specialist will suggest you this test in certain conditions.

  • Results of other screening tests (including blood tests and USG tests) seem a bit abnormal or problematic.

  • The results of these tests are doubtful and not useful to understand the condition of your baby’s health.

  • The parents already have a child with a specific health condition that can be diagnosed with an Amniocentesis test.

  • Both or any of you two (you are your partner) have a family history of a specific genetic condition like Tay-Sachs disease or sickle cell anemia.

  • You are above 35 and want to be sure that your age will not affect your baby’s growth and genetic condition.

When is the Test Performed During Pregnancy?

The most preferred time for performing an amniocentesis test is between week 16 to week 20 during your pregnancy period. However, if your doctor finds it necessary, then he can ask you to have this test done any time until you give birth. It is not recommended before week 15 because this can cause risks in pregnancy, including miscarriage.

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