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Few Things To Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in every woman’s life. It is one of the greatest gifts of god. Though women have to make some sacrifices during this phase, it is worth the happiness. To ensure your good health and that of your child, you have to get in touch with a fetal medicine specialist. IFM has some of the most experienced, reliable, and dedicated Fetal Medicine Specialists in Kolkata. They will consider your pregnancy complications and let you know whether you have to avoid a few things which can impact you or your unborn child’s health.

Are You Pregnant? Few Things You Should Avoid

  • Alcohol

Though some people believe that consuming a small quantity of alcohol during pregnancy won’t cause much harm, it is advisable to avoid it altogether. When a pregnant woman drinks alcohol, it enters their bloodstream, crosses the placenta and reaches the unborn child. It can impact the developing liver of the baby and stop its growth. The baby might have a low birth weight. Consuming excessive alcohol can also lead to miscarriage.

  • Smoking

Even if you are a chain smoker, quit smoking immediately once you find out that you are pregnant. When a woman smokes during her pregnancy, it increases the chances of giving birth to a baby with low birth weight. There are even a few instances when excessive smoking has led to the baby’s premature birth or been born with respiratory problems. Expecting mother’s smoking habits is also linked to miscarriage.

  • Addictive Drugs

Say no to drugs while you are pregnant, as it can impact the normal functioning of your body even when consumed in small quantities. When you intake drugs during pregnancy, it transfers to the unborn child as well. Drugs cross the placenta and pass down to the baby, irrespective of consuming cannabis, ketamine, ecstasy, cocaine, or other illegal drugs.

  • Caffeine

Every experienced Fetal Medicine Specialist in Kolkata will advise you to avoid caffeine during your pregnancy. High levels of caffeine can lead to a low birth rate or miscarriage. If you are a coffee lover, make sure not to exceed the daily consumption of 200mg of caffeine. You can replace your daily cups of coffee with some healthier drinks or herbal teas.

Avoid the items stated above during your pregnancy and get in touch with a fetal medicine specialist to ensure the birth of a healthy child.