Questions You Should Ask Your Infertility Specialist When you First Meet

  • Post by ifm
  • January 12, 2021

It is not until 1993 that experts of reproductive medicine considered infertility as a disease. Before that, it was considered a physical malfunction. After it is defined as an ailment, people become more conscious about consulting infertility specialists and get their advice regarding complicated reproduction system.

Often people find it quite embarrassing to visit an infertility specialist in Kolkata. They find the entire topic as a matter of embarrassment. Though it is extremely private and personal, there is nothing to feel ashamed of. Right diagnosis and proper treatment will get you fast and best solutions.

To obtain this, you need to meet the top infertility doctor near you. But, before that, you should know what questions to ask the doctor when you meet him for the first time.

  • What is your reason for infertility?

Different people have different reasons for infertility. Sometimes, it is the woman who has the issue and sometimes it the man. Even two women might have a totally different reason to be infertile. So, know your reason first from your doctor to understand what is going on inside your body.

  • What is the first line of treatment in your case?

Infertility treatment can be done in many ways. Usually, medication is the first line of treatment. Ask your infertility specialist about your first line of treatment. These medicines will help your body becoming fertile and augment the chance of pregnancy.

  • What is the role of your overall health on infertility?

Since there are different reasons that cause infertility in different people, you need to know what the role is of your overall health condition in this matter. In many cases, health issues like diabetes, cancer, hypothyroid or obesity can stop you from being pregnant. An experienced infertility specialist will suggest you complete health check-up to diagnose the ailment and determine the right cause. If there are other health issues, they will suggest you consult specialists who can treat the same.

  • How to assisted reproductive system work?

There are lots of procedures to solve the issue of reproduction system. An experienced and reliable doctor will suggest you the right assistance after checking you and your partner. ART or assisted reproductive technology involves treatments like IVF and IUI. Your doctor will help you to understand these processes if you need to go through any of these.

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