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What are the Benefits of Conducting a 3D Ultrasonography Pregnancy Test ?

Ultrasounds nowadays are more than shady and indecipherable pictures. 3D and 4D ultrasounds give a clearer view of the insides of the human body. With the help of high-frequency sound waves and special imaging software technology, the 3D Ultrasonography Pregnancy Test in Kolkata is the new trend among conceiving mothers. Having a clear first glimpse of your unborn foetus is certainly this world feeling. 3D ultrasounds have made it easier. The images you get are completely clear and free from obscurities. These ultrasounds produce clearer, sharper and accurate images of your little one.

Say no to the black and white blurry sonography pictures and enjoy the first glimpse of your child with the help of technologically upgraded 3D ultrasound systems. However, this is not the only benefit that 3D ultrasounds can give. They also offer more benefits which are as follows.

It helps to detect abnormalities

With 3D ultrasounds, doctors can see the abnormalities in a baby’s body. If there are any structural or facial abnormalities, then the same can be taken care of during the early stages of pregnancy. Unlike 2D ultrasound, this is more visible through a 3D ultrasound. This helps prepare the parents about the aftercare that they should take for the baby’s defects.

It helps to understand complications in pregnancy

If there is any complication in your pregnancy, a 3D ultrasound will determine the same effectively. Situations of ectopic pregnancy are easily determinable through 3D ultrasound methods. Early detection can save you and help you prevent a complicated pregnancy ahead. Ectopic pregnancy is a complex procedure and can result in a negative outcome.

It helps to monitor baby growth perfectly

The baby’s growth span, especially around 36 to 40 weeks, is easily detectable through 3D ultrasound technology. During this time, the breathing process, lung development and heart rates are observed closely. With the help of 3D technology, any congenital deformities can be detected very soon during the latter parts of the foetus development.

Helps to decide the type of delivery option

Ultrasounds in the latter stage of pregnancy are done to detect the baby’s position within the ovary. With the help of 3D ultrasound, you can easily get a view of the baby’s position and decide the delivery option accordingly. Options for either normal or c section can be easily taken when the doctors use 3D ultrasound.

At IFM Kolkata, we use a safe and secure process for a 3D ultrasound. Avail of our ultrasound services and enjoy a safe and comfortable journey of motherhood.