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Role and Types of Ultrasound Pregnancy Test in Kolkata

From the day of conceiving to the day of delivery, a woman has to undergo emotional, mental and physical turmoil. There can be an unlimited number of complications throughout the pregnancy period. However, most of the complications remain undetected unless an ultrasonography pregnancy test is conducted on the mother.

In the entire 9 months of pregnancy, a mother must undergo many tests, out of which the 3D ultrasonography test in Kolkata is gaining popularity. With the help of this ultrasonography, the doctor can check the foetal development. Moreover, institutes use advanced technology to conduct a 3D ultrasonography test and hence any major complications can be detected, and necessary precautions can be taken to prevent further damage.

Every woman has undergone different ultrasonography tests during their pregnancy period. To know about the importance of availing the same, read on.

Why are ultrasound sonography tests important?

During the pregnancy period, 3 or 4 times, USG is done to check the baby’s development and complications in the pregnancy.

Early visibility scan

This is done at the moment when the individual conceives. The doctors check the number of gestational sacs and the fetus’s heart rates. Along with this, the doctors also check the condition of the uterus and ovary after the woman has conceived. Depending on the same reports, the individual is guided for the later stages of pregnancy.

NT scan

This is done between 11 to 13 weeks of pregnancy. The major reason behind conducting this scan is to check the presence of down syndrome in the child.

Anomaly scan

This scan is generally done between the 18 to 20th weeks of the pregnancy. This is vital USG as in this stage, the doctors check the development of the fetus’s spinal cord, heart, kidney, brain, and limbs.

Growth Scan

This is usually the last USG that a woman has to undergo during the 30th week. This USG shows the position of the placenta, amount of fluid, blood flow and oxygen flow into the baby. Depending on the results, the doctors fix the date of delivery.

 3 types of Ultrasounds

3D ultrasound

You’ll receive 3D images with specific details like the fetus’s height, width, depth, and organs.

Transvaginal ultrasound

This is done by probing through the vagina and gives a clear image of the lower abdomen, ovaries, and position of the placenta.

4D ultrasound

With the help of this USG, you can get a moving video of the foetus along with a clearer picture of the fetus’s face and movement.

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