Consulting An Infertility Specialist – A Few Things To Know

  • Post by ifm
  • June 18, 2021

Starting a family is often the most desired and sought-after couple goal. There is no specific time to plan a family. Any time is the right time though it all depends on the mental physical and financial states of the would-be parents. As it comes to planning a family, infertility is a major drawback that many couples face. And here is something that you should know before planning a family and consulting an infertility specialist if needed.

How long should you wait?

Well, you actually can’t do this luxury. Infertility is a time-sensitive issue. It is always recommended not to wait for the so-called ‘right time’ and put your fertility on hold. Otherwise, it might be really late.

How long have you been putting in the effort?

Have you been trying for more than a year to get pregnant without any fruitful outcome? Well, you might need to get medical assistance to conceive fast and of course, successfully. Don’t forget that the span is shorter for couples over 35 years. They should seek medical advice earlier being unsuccessful with normal attempts.

What factors to consider while planning to get pregnant?

  • Age – Are you below 35 or above?

  • Pre-existing medical condition and medical background – Do you have a history of any chronic illness in the family? Is there a history of early or premature menopause?

  • Reproductive problems – Now it’s time to check if you’re suffering from uterine/fallopian tube issues, PCOS, thyroid problem (for the female partner), endometriosis, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, or sperm disorder.

  • Surgery/injury – Has any of the partners endured a surgery or any injury on the reproductive organs?

  • Cancer – Are you suffering from cancer or undergoing treatment?

  • Lifestyle – Check if any of you are underweight/obese. Do you drink or smoke?

Why should you be prompt?

  • The ovarian reserve gets declined with every menstrual cycle

  • As the age advances, the risks of miscarriage also get increased

  • Prior to starting your treatment, you might need to bring some lifestyle changes

  • Fertility screenings stretch over time; they may need additional screening as well

  • You may need to undergo several attempts resulting in a delay

What should you do now?

Visit a reputable Infertility Specialist in Kolkata having a good success rate in terms of infertility issues. They usually will want you to go through a couple-package to track the fertility status. The key steps at this phase are as follows:

  • Consultation with a fertility expert at your chosen clinic

  • Screening tests including Anti-Mullerian Hormone, Ultrasound scan, and tubal patency (HSG/ SIS )for the female partner

  • Screening tests includes semen analysis for the male partner

These tests will help to diagnose if there are any underlying issues related to infertility with any of the partners. The consultant is likely to guide you after checking the test reports so you can make a wise decision regarding what step you should take next.

Can it be cured?

Well, unfortunately, infertility can’t be cured always. But some cases are curable. There are 4 key options and those are:

  • Ovulation induction or OI – Restoration or regulation of the ovulation with the help of medicines.

  • Intrauterine insemination or IUI–This involves a marginally invasive procedure to place washed sperms directly in the uterus to enhance the possibility of fertilization.

  • IVF (Self Cycle) – This process involves retrieval of the mature egg of the female partner and healthy sperms of the male partner. Upon collection, the egg and the sperm are combined in the lab for the purpose of fertilization.

  • ICSI (Self Cycle) – This procedure involves injecting a healthy sperm into the egg with a fine glass needle while removing the limitations related to poor egg or less number of sperms/ Azoospermia.

These are the major things you need to know before visiting an infertility specialist.