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Bringing joy to the life of million childless couples

Are you failing to conceive even after years of medications and trials? Infertility has become an unavoidable part of human life. For hundreds and millions of helpless couples, IVF or In-vitro fertilization is a boon. At the Institute of Fetal Medicine, our specialized team can successfully help you conceive through IVF and IUI.

These are proven ART solution which we use commonly for all couples who are facing fertility issues. Your body is not within your control. Hence, if you have got a deficiency, don’t be shy; walk up to IFM and share your issues with our fertility specialists. We will guide you through the process and help you embrace the joy of parenthood.

What are IVF and IUI?

It is an artificial fertilization program. Here the sperm and the ovum are collected from the respective parents, and the same is fertilized under medical and laboratory conditions. Then the embryo is implanted back into the uterus of the would-be mother for further development and birth process.

IUI or Intrauterine Insemination is similar to IVF where the sperm extracted from the male counterpart is washed, concentrated and placed internally directly into the uterus of the female counterpart during the ovulation period.


Who is eligible for IVF?

For people with acute fertility problems, they must go for IVF treatments. Our IVF clinic offers this package for people suffering from:

  • Fallopian tube blocks and failed tubal surgeries
  • Women suffering from endometriosis issues
  • Women with thickened cervical mucus
  • Impaired or low sperm counts in men
  • Women with ovulation disorders or low ovulation rates
  • Unexplained fertility issues like obesity, thyroid or ovary disorders

Success factors for IVF patients

For IVF or IUI to be successful, we at IFM check a few points in the couples before asking them to opt for this process. The success rate of IVF rests mainly on these factors being in favour of the couples.

Before you opt for the treatment, fix an appointment with our counsellor. We will clarify your doubts and help you understand the process.

  • Age of the would-be mother
  • Duration of the infertile period of the couple
  • Medical records of the infertility level of the couple
  • Assessment of the quality and count of the sperms and ovum
  • Causes behind the infertility issues in the couple

For more details, check our website and book an appointment with our experts today.