3D Ultrasonography Pregnancy Test in Kolkata

Ultrasonography or USG in pregnancy is a standard test that doctors often advise pregnant ladies to check the condition of the fetus. With the advent of modern technologies, this test becomes more advance and effective. New techniques are attached to the old form of screening to get a clear picture of the fetus and the vital abdominal parts of the mother. 3D Ultrasonography Pregnancy Test is one of these advanced level tests that doctors suggest to pregnant women to monitor the fetus at different trimester.

At IFM, we have ultramodern equipment and skilled Ultrasonologists and Fetal Medicine Experts. They have vast knowledge about these tests and screening procedures. We have a team of pregnancy and fetal medicine experts who can suggest this test at the proper stages of pregnancy to check the condition of the unborn baby.

3D USG allows the parents to get a clearer and closer picture of the baby inside the belly. The pictures come with more depth and details. This makes the job of fetal medicine experts easier than before. They can see the condition of the unborn baby and determine his health perfectly.

At IFM Kolkata, we use a safe and secure process for this screening. Our equipment sets are modern, and the clinic maintains hygiene while conducting such tests.

What is USG?

The full form of USG is Ultrasonography or Ultrasound Sonography. This is a diagnostic procedure, which is applied to scan the internal organs of the body through imaging techniques. High-frequency sound waves are used to get these images which help the doctors and the radiologists to understand what is going on inside different organs of the body.

This test or medical examination is useful to check internal organs like,

Your doctor may suggest having a USG of any of these internal organs when you have issues like pain in your abdomen, swelling or any other symptoms that indicate issues in the internal organs of your body. Sometimes, the test becomes a diagnosis process of infertility treatment and pregnancy care as well.

It is a non-invasive and painless procedure of diagnosis.

Different types of USG tests are done to capture the images of a different part of your body.

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USG Upper Abdomen

Ultrasound or USG done to get the images of the section of the upper abdomen of the body is called USG Upper Abdomen. It is done to diagnose the cause of pain, infection or swelling of this particular part of the body. The doctor will get a clear picture of the upper abdomen to understand the position and structure of the same.

USG Lower Abdomen

As the name suggests, this particular type of USG is done on the lower section of the abdomen to get a clear image of the same. It is done to diagnose the cause of pain, infection or swelling of this particular part of the body. The doctor will get the picture of the lower abdomen to identify the position and structure of the same.


USG Whole Abdomen

When the doctor needs the image of the whole abdominal structure of a patient, then they suggest the USG scan of the whole abdomen. Like the other two tests, this is also a painless and non-invasive process.


TVS is the short form of Transvaginal ultrasound. This is typically done to have a clear insight into a woman’s internal organ like uterus, ovaries, tubes and cervix as well as pelvic areas. The term Transvaginal refers to through or across the vagina. The USG probe is placed inside the vagina during the USG to get the images of the reproductive organs of a woman. The patient may feel some sort of discomfort during the test, but it is completely painless.


KUB is a Renal Ultrasound or an Ultrasound scan of kidney, ureter, and bladder. This test is done to get the images of the urinary tract, bladder, uterus, and kidneys. Patients who have issues in their urinary tract, kidney or bladder should go through this medical examination so that the doctors can get the images of these organs and identify the cause of pain, swelling or infection in the same. This is a popular way of diagnosis of kidney-related illness in both male and female patients.



It is a non-invasive procedure of getting images of breast and blood vessels located to that area of the body.  The test also allows the experts to have a quick and correct view of the breast tissues, which is required to study a lump in the breast.


SIS or Saline infusion sonohysterography is also known as saline ultrasound. This is a kind of uterine scan in which a small amount of saline water is used or inserted into the uterus to get a clear and uninterrupted image of the uterine lines on the USG procedure. This is also a transvaginal USG. When the doctors need to get a clear picture of the inner side of the uterus to treat or diagnose issues related to the same, then they suggest this test.

Follicular Study

This is also a transvaginal scan which is done to examine the ovarian follicles. The test helps the doctors to understand the position and structure of the tissues containing eggs and the thickness of the endometrial lining. This test is done to determine the period of the next possible ovulation of a woman.

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